All of our silicone products are made from high quality, 100% food grade silicone, are FDA approved and are free from BPA, Lead, Cadmium, Phthalates, PVC and Latex.

Our wood products are made from pure beech wood, which is completely natural with no chemicals or varnish, making them the perfect addition to our teething toys. The natural grain is beautiful, and everything is sanded smooth.
What is food grade silicone?
Food grade silicone is a non-toxic type of silicone that doesn’t contain any chemical fillers or by products, making it safe for use within food.
Benefits of food grade silicone:
• Highly resistant to damage and degradation from extreme temperatures
• Resistant to rain, sleet, snow, and the sun’s uv rays
• Doesn’t harden, crack, peel, crumble, dry out, rot or become brittle over time
• Lightweight, saves space, easy to transport
• Made from an abundant natural resource
• Non-toxic and odourless – contains no bpa, latex, lead, phthalates,
• May be 100% recycled at select locations; non-hazardous waste
BPA Free
The FDA has approved the silicone we use “ as a food-safe substance” and it can now be found in numerous baby bottle nipples, plates, sippy cups, baking dishes, kitchen utensils, mats and even toys.
The reason we include this approval despite being located in the UK is because the U.S. have the most stringent regulations for food products, and we want to maintain the highest possible safety requirements.
The teething industry is strictly regulated and for good reason. Our customers safety is our number one priority, we are proud to say that all of our products are safety tested to British safety standards and where applicable carry the CE mark.
Our dummy clips conform to BSEN 12586:2007 + A1:2011. Before each use check carefully. Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness. Never lengthen the dummy clip or attach cords, ribbons, laces or loose parts of clothing's this could result in the child being strangled.
Please ensure the dummy clip is attached to an item of the childs clothing and remove when the child is in a cot, bed or crib
The dummy clip is not a toy or teether.
Teething Necklaces are designed for adults to wear whilst being safe for babies to chew. All components are tested to comply to BS EN71-3.
Regularly inspect your necklace for any signs of damage and discard immediately if found.
Our teething toys are made and tested in accordance with European safety standards BS EN71-1-3 and are suitable for babies from birth. Before each use check carefully. Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness.
  • All of our products can be washed in warm water and sterilised.
  • Teethers that do not contain wood are suitable for freezing
  • At the first sign of weakness or damage please throw away or get in touch.