We've rebranded!

Some of you will have noticed a few changes to our website recently. Not only have we had a facelift and changed our logo but we no longer sell personalised teething rings. This is beause we want to focus more on our bespoke products that you all love and want more of... watch this space.

Those of you who have purchased our teething rings before and want to buy another can rest assured as the lovely Emma who used to work for Lily & Posie has now gone it alone and makes and sells them along with lots of other lovely things on her new website 'Love Avalea'.



“Lily and Posie have the most amazing range of products to choose from and the quality is fantastic! Anything is possible! We have quite a collection now and Tilly loves them all”


'We love Lily & Posies products! We would have it all if we could'


'Absolutely amazing products and completely customised to suit baby and mama'